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Gulf Crown has taken every precaution to make sure you are getting the freshest shrimp available and has invested heavily in modernization and quality control to stay on the technological edge. The process starts the moment the boats leave the docks and begin to fish the Gulf of Mexico. The harvested shrimp are taken back to the docks, unloaded into refrigerated trucks and delivered to the plant for processing.

During the processing phase, the shrimp pass through several stages from sorting to peeling and are graded to size before being packaged and ready for shipping. Their cold storage space is maintained by a computerized thermostat insuring that the product stays at a constant temperature guaranteeing your shrimp stay fresh.

Thanks to Gulf Crown Seafood’s state of the art processing equipment, shrimp can go from the gulf waters to your dinner table within 2-3 days. Their
refrigerated reefer trucks make sure to maintain the quality of the shrimp as they deliver shrimp from Delcambre, La to its final destination all over the US.

Gulf Crown has the capabilities to process over 200,000 lbs of shrimp per day and has become one of the largest SQF and USDC certified processing plants on the Gulf Coast.

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