Source: USA, Florida
Flavor: Mild, sweet
Texture: Firm, tender

Key West Shrimp also called “Pinks”

Omni Shrimp’s focus is on Key West Shrimp also called “Pinks”. Key West Pink Shrimp's are the highest of quality and best tasting of all shrimp species available.

We pride ourselves on domestic wild caught shrimp which are free of Phosphates and other unhealthy additives.

These Wild Caught shrimp are harvested from the crystal clear waters of Dry Tortugas to Tarpon Springs, Florida. Seasonality of the Key West Pink Shrimp is typically November through June. With their sweet and mild flavor, they can be enjoyed as peel and eat shrimpi or incorporated easily into any other recipe.

Nearly 85 percent of the pink shrimp harvested in the United States comes from the west coast of Florida. Prized for their sweet, tender meat, pink shrimp are caught fresh year-round, but are more abundant during winter months.

We also provide domestic, wild caught Brown Shrimp and White Shrimp throughout the United States and abroad.

Source: U.S. wild-caught

Flavor: Strong, slightly salty, with a pure natural flavor

Texture: Firm, never stringy or mushy

Source: U.S. wild-caught

Flavor: Mild with a natural sweetness

Texture: Slightly more tender than other shrimp, with shells that are easier to peel

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Our advantage is the ability to provide high quality, domestic, wild caught shrimp in a very condensed time frame from the time the shrimp is caught to receipt by the consumer.


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